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Refund Policy


Refunds are provided depending on the service packages and plan purchased. As standard, all package comes with a limited refund with terms and conditions.
Packages or services once purchased are non-refundable.
If a buyer eligible to get a refund then he/she contact us via email: qa@godspeedimmigration.com

Non Refundable Clauses

1. Engaging in any activity that tampers with the functioning of the business or damages the goodwill or reputation of the Godspeed.

2. Godspeed Immigration shall deal with applicants professionally and will not be responsible for personal situations in the life of Client/Applicant/Applicants. Therefore, if the Client/Applicant withdraws from the service of his own accord due to personal problems, Godspeed Immigration will not be liable for any refund.

3. Failure to attend the visa interview if scheduled.

4. Failure to provide/submit additional documents demanded by any Authorities, or submitting them late.

5. Failure to submit required documents within 60 days from the date of request by the Godspeed, or not responding to mails/calls made by the Godspeed for more than 60 days.

6. Failure to obtain certificates such as Police Clearance Certificate, Medical Certificate, and any others as requested by the Authorities within the specified time and in the required format.

7. The Client/Applicant/Applicants is not entitled to a refund if there has been any prior violation of immigration/visa laws by Applicant/Applicants or their family members in the visa application,

8. Failure to disclose any material facts that affect the processing of the application.

9. The Client/Applicant/Applicants understands and agrees that Applicant/Applicants need to obtain the required IELTS/PTE/any other language test scores as suggested by Godspeed Immigration. In the event of failure to do so, the Client/Applicant/Applicants is not entitled to a refund.

10. The client agrees to show sufficient funds for settlement or maintain the same for a period of time as suggested by Godspeed Immigration for Applicant/Applicants and his/her family, if applicable. In the event of failure to do so, the Client/Applicant/Applicants is not entitled to a refund.

11. Godspeed Immigration is not responsible for refunding any fee or any other amount paid to any Assessing authority/Embassy/Consulate in the event of its approval/denial.

12. If any refund is provided, the refund process will be initiated upon submission of the Refund Request Form along with a copy of the receipt for the payment made and any other relevant supportive documents required. Failure to enclose the documents will render the Client ineligible for the refund. The refund will be provided by 90 working days upon signing the Refund Agreement by the Client, and payments will be issued through a company cheque.